Comfortable A/C Rooms, Comfortable Non A/C Rooms, 24 Hour Service, free wifi, liquor bar (foreign liquor and local liquor) Restaurant, Providing Safari Jeeps, Car, Van, Jeep Tours

Attractions and Activities

There are many historical sites and leisure activities that you can enjoy while sating at Nethmini Hotel. Here are the Places and activates and their distance from our hotel

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We Nethmini Hotel

Siyambalanduwa is one of the Sri Lankas famous historical cities, and it is situated in Uva Province of the country. Situated in Siyambalanduwa, Nethmini Hotel was opened on the 28th July in 2002 We started it with five basic rooms. Nethmini hotel has now become one of the best known hotels in Monaragala District, and we provide best customer service for the foreign an local customers

Our Vision

To provide best customer service for the foreign an local customers.

Contact Us :

Nethmini Hotel, 1st Mile Post,

Ampara Road, Siyambalanduwa,,

Sri Lanka.

Hotline +942(0)554929736

Fax: +942(0)552279133

Email: nethminihotel@gmail.com

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